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Evaluation & Research

Our evaluation and research services are customized to address the unique issues and opportunities involved in designing and implementing program evaluations and intervention studies within the criminal justice system or of community reentry efforts after incarceration.

Services include:


  • Context-Driven Process or Outcome Evaluation for Criminal Justice Based Programs

  • Assessment and Strengthening of Community Agency Evaluation and Research Capacity

  • Research Protocol and Survey Tool Development

  • Analysis and Application of Results

Work examples include:
Safe Landing Project: Pilot Year 1 Learning Report

Alameda County Behavioral Health (ACBH) funded Roots Community Health Center to develop and facilitate a pilot of the Safe Landing Project (SLP). SLP is a new and innovative project aimed at serving as a safe space to provide immediate release support services and connections to additional community resources for people released from Santa Rita Jail. ACBH contracted with The Bridging Group to complete a comprehensive 3-year evaluation of this pilot. This report is a critical learning tool for SLP stakeholder groups. It presents a summary of the qualitative and quantitative data collected through Year 1 (June 2020 – June 2021) of the SLP pilot and a set of lessons learned to help identify successes and challenges to date and to inform future SLP programming and evaluation efforts.
Safe Landings Yr1 Learning Report.FINAL 1.png
Innovations in Reentry: Reentry Community Engagement & Empowerment and Culturally Responsive Services for Minority Subpopulations
Alameda County Behavioral Health (ACBH) funded six projects for the third cohort of grantees under its Innovations in Reentry initiative. These grantees were tasked with developing innovative and creative ideas to address the needs of the adult reentry population. Support for the initiative was provided through AB 109 funding and awarded under two categories: 1) Reentry Community Engagement and Empowerment and 2) Culturally Responsive Services for Minority Subpopulations. ACBH contracted with The Bridging Group to complete a program outcome evaluation for these six projects. This report summarizes quantitative data reported to Alameda County and qualitative data collected through participant interviews and staff focus groups and puts forth a set of lessons learned and recommendations to inform future reentry focused funding initiatives.
Alameda/San Francisco County Jail Survey Study Report
The Bridging Group, in collaboration with the Alameda County Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (ACCIPP), San Francisco Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (SFCIPP) and their respective Sheriffs’ Departments completed a system-wide jail survey with 2,000 individuals incarcerated within five local county jails. This study was one of the first of its kind throughout the country. The focus of the survey was to identify whom within the jails is a parent, their perceptions of how their incarceration affects their children, and what types of resources are needed for children to maintain contact and relationships with their parents during their parents’ incarceration and after release. This report presents a summary of survey results.
You Love Who You Love: A Cross-site Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Support Programs for Women Partners of Incarcerated or Recently Released Men
The Bridging Group conducted an evaluation study in collaboration with and funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health and their eight funded agencies across the country. This collaborative study was completed to improve our understanding of HIV and other health risks unique to women partners of incarcerated men and examine the effectiveness of implementing a gender-specific intervention. This report presents an extensive presentation of the data collected and implications for future programming.
Reentry SF One Year Evaluation
The San Francisco Adult Probation Department (SFAPD) worked with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, HealthRIGHT 360˚, and Goodwill Industries to implement Reentry SF (RSF). RSF offered a comprehensive array of reentry services including work readiness training, work-based assessment, mental health and substance use treatment and prevention, mentoring, education programs, vocational skills training, supportive services, and job placement and retention services. SFADP contracted with The Bridging Group to conduct an assessment and evaluation of this collaborative effort. This report presents a description of the collaborative process, summary of data reviewed, and recommendations and lessons learned to inform future employment services for individuals returning to San Francisco after incarceration.
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