Project START (PS) is an HIV/STI/hepatitis risk reduction program for people returning to the community after incarceration. Project START Plus (PS+) is similar to Project START but works exclusively with people living with HIV and provides additional support for linkage to HIV care in the community after release. Each program provides six sessions with each client and works with them one-on-one to serve as a “bridge” to their return to the community. The programs begin up to 2 months before clients are released and continue with clients for 3 months in the community after release.

Project START & Project START+ Training
The Bridging Group offers an Implementation Training for both the PS and PS+ programs — an intensive skills-based training program designed to train supervisors and program staff. Participants in the training walk away with a comprehensive knowledge of the program, the key steps toward implementing it in their own agencies, and the critical skills necessary to facilitate the program with clients. 

Example of a training package:


  • Pre-Training Consults — 2 consultations (up to 2 hours each) to customize the training for local needs 

  • Skills-Based Training — 3 days of training for up to 25 participants 

  • Post-Training Consults — 2 consultations (up to 4 hours each) to answer post-training questions and/or help agencies plan next steps toward implementation

  • Project START (or PS+) Participant Training Packets — 1 packet for each training participant including: training handouts, intervention tools and forms, and slide packet

  • Electronic Copies of Intervention Tools and Forms for each agency trained after completion of intervention training


Technical Assistance

We also offer Technical Assistance packages for organizations that want help implementing the PS and PS+ programs in addition to the Implementation Training. Technical Assistance packages are customized to address the needs of each client and are based on the real world experience of the consultants. 

Implementation Resources & Training Materials

These downloadable resources are for use by health care organizations, community-based organizations, health departments, and other organizations seeking to implement Project STARTMaterials to implement Project START+ will be posted here upon their CDC clearance.

Project START & Project START Plus

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